Monday, January 17, 2011

ARTJournaling Daily - Day 3

So here we are on day number three - use the alphabet in a decorative way. I'm sure there are a lot more ways than the one I'm thinking of, but what I'm thinking is sort of making a background by stamping random letters onto a background. The same could be done with stickers. Now; you don't have to make a whole page. That's something that I like about these prompts. Yesterday's said to make a whole page, but, as a whole, they won't be like that. Only small tasks that shouldn't take long at all! So get crafting!


  1. My eight yr. old granddaughter LOVES your Ustreams and wanted to do your challenges. She has alreay done the first two. I will post them as I get them from her. Thanks for being such an encouragemnt in your art!
    Dede (and granddaughter "Boo")

  2. Yay! I've heard so much about her! Also, it's encouraging to me to hear that I'm being an inspiration to others!